Growing at Gratus...

Pyrus calleryana, or Bradford Pear, is a deciduous, hardwood, ornamental tree native to China and Vietnam. It is widely planted for its showy white spring blossoms and reliable orange-red fall foliage.  It produces small hard inedible fruits, loved by birds, who happily disperse their seeds, making the tree invasive in many parts of the country. One of the first to bloom here at Gratus.


Growing at Gratus...

Acer x freemanii is a hybrid of two common native deciduous trees of Eastern and Central North America: the Red Maple, acer rubrum, and the Silver Maple, acer saccharinum.  This common selection provides the adaptability and rapid growth of the silver maple with the superior fall color of the red maple. One of the first trees to turn here at Gratus, and a favorite.


Growing at Gratus...

Dahlia hortensis.  A striking flowering herbaceous plant native to Mexico and Central America. It grows from tubers, not bulbs, which are different. Dahlias bloom all summer in a variety of striking sizes and colors and make a great cut flower. The Dahlia flower Is symbolic for the ability to draw upon one’s inner strength to succeed.