Grapes and Gratitude

Grown with Attitude, Harvested with Gratitude

Our story does not begin with us. Our story begins with our parents and grandparents whose hard work has made our American dream possible. Our gratitude is reflected in our name and the inscription on every bottle: “GRATUS”, Latin translation-thankfulness. We are truly thankful.

Thomas was born and raised in the coal and steel country of southwestern Pennsylvania; Victoria is from the Bible Belt in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Fast forward to many years later when Victoria’s sister, Carol, arranged a blind date leading to a romantic trip to Napa Valley where the couple fell in love with each other and a wondrous and magical property in Northern California. After a small amount of blood, much sweat, and many tears later, we call this Gratus Vineyards.

The Estate

In the beginning, Gratus Vineyards was an ancient Indian encampment along Pope Creek, teaming with fish and game. Early settlers, the Popes and Barnetts, farmed and ranched cattle. When Thomas and Victoria first espied the property, they were struck with its natural beauty and vowed to plant the best vines and trees, grow the most luscious fruit, and make the most delicious wine unique to this most amazing location.

For Small Family Farms & Vineyards to survive in the winemaking industry, Napa County must create a reasonable path to compliance for Napa’s “micro-producers” so they may participate in limited tastings together with direct-to-consumer sales. We are calling on Napa's Board of Supervisors to prioritize Napa's small family farms and include us in emergency relief programs they're developing for the Napa Valley wine industry. Please watch this video and share it with all your social contacts and friends!


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